Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Well I feel like every week I say Ill tell you more next week and lets be honest.....that aint ever going to happen ;)
First, to answer my fabulous Father's questions, my companions name is Ashley Fernelius, she's 19, looks Mexican cause her mom's from Ecuador but she's lived in Las Vegas for all of her life.  She has 6 months on the misión but you'd think it was longer cause she's a champ.  She has 4 siblings: an older brother, a sister that has been reported to have a baby for the past 5 weeks and still nothing, a sister who's currently serving in Ecuador, and a younger brother who's Ali's age and basically an only child.  Anything else Daddyo?? ;)
Some realizations I had this week include:
    Mexico is REALLY cold.....or I'm becoming a baby.....i fear the later
    Mission life is very similar to college life when it comes to scrimping and saving....and the random food we eat :)
    Its sad being in a country that doesn't celebrate 4th of July (no worries, my clothes celebrated it for me), BUT my only birthday on the misión happens to fall on a Monday (P-day) AND happens to be the Mexican Independence day....LET THE PARTY BEGIN!!!!!!!
I guess I should probably finish up about last week really fast by filling in that Andrea was baptized last Saturday.....and it was the most stressful baptism of my life!!! The whole family showed up an hour early and then nobody else showed up for another hour....and then none of the people giving talks showed up so the missionaries were all adlibing stuff.  PLUS the guy who was going to do the baptism broke his arm (still did it anyway) and then was so nervous they had to baptize the poor girl four times!! To top it all off, the real kicker, somebody in the ward had died.....yup that's real life, write that down (Conner Black quote).  The funeral service naturally was scheduled for the same time as the baptism, so that's where our entire Ward was....crazy timing!
Now I guess well just skip to the other biggest highlight: The familia Becerril got baptized this Saturday, all five of them and that went off without a hitch and the whole Ward showed up! I sang I know that my redeemer lives, solo mind you so i was shaking like crazy, and it was great.  I know angels were for sure singing with me! Everyone was just so smiley and happy and absolutely amazing! Better yet was the next day in church when all of our investigators and MA (less actives) all sat on the right side, basically all around us, and Ferb and I were just laughing about how we were surrounded by our people.  AND THEN bishop asked Hno Becerril to give the closing prayer during sacrament meeting and everyone was blown away at how good a prayer it was.....HOLY COW THE SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG!!!!! Safe to say I was just filled with a crazy abundance of love all Sunday, even the familia Torres in Tlyacapan made us feel like rock stars and then we basically walked with angels and were saved from danger all night long and its safe to say the people here are just incredible and the greatest ever!!!!!!

Sorry this is even rougher then the last one.....I wish I could say more!

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