Monday, July 28, 2014

I Can't Even Explain

So many amazing things have happened in the last week that I wish I could just steal Ferbs 6 page long letter and send that to you as my blog post (I sadly don't really feel like writing....but I'll try to do it all justice)
For all those who were worried by my letter from last week, I'm sooo sorry, that was not my intention.  It was suppose to be funny! But I swear I'm healthy as ever right now :) We had transfers last week and got a new sister missionary in our ward.  Hermana Capener is training her (soooo psyched that she's still here) and she's brand new! She's super cute and from Durango, Mexico (no idea how to spell that).  Plus, since Elder Nish "died" (finished his mission) we have a new district leader who is just incredible.  Basically though the American district is gone, but I still love my district!!!

The other day while we were walking we found a puppy in the street that was easily not even a month old.  Its mom was nowhere to be found so we wandered around asking people if it was there dog, nobody's.  So we took it to the Carmonas house and asked their kids if they wanted it as a joke. The kids were psyched and the parents....not so much! Safe to say they know have a dog and the kids just adore it.  I think the puppy's pretty happy too :) Cute little Chilita hahaha.

I think the greatest miracles of this week were Cindy and Paco!
Cindy was a reference from a family that lived up the street from her.  The family Garcia didn't know anything about her other then the fact that she was American, but you can only imagine how much joy that brought to the ears of two American missionaries.  We left their house and went straight to Cindy's door.  The lady invited us right in because we could talk English and she didn't know a lick of Spanish! She's lived here for 2 years with her husband, but because he knows both English and Spanish they only speak English with each other and everything else he just translates for her. (note to the world: don't ever do that! If you live in another country adopt the culture as your own and love every moment of it!).  We started talking and were shocked to find that she's actually a member! She hasn't been to church in 5 years and really can't remember anything about the church.  She told us we could come back anytime....little did she know that the whole ward is now going to be showing up on her doorstep....well at least the 20 people who speak English that is :)

Paco is the husband of another less active named Elizabeth.  We've never actually talked to him but I've been sharing messages with Elizabeth for the last 5 months and never thought she was really excited about us visiting her.  Turns out that Paco wants to turn his life around and just be better.  We were talking about him all last week and how we would love to meet him when to our surprise Sunday morning, there he was at church with his whole family! That was a huge blessing.  Later that night we passed by to ask him about church and how he felt.  He informed us that he'd be there every Sunday for the rest of his life.  *Jaw to the floor* The Carmonas (the dad is the brother of Elizabeth) were shocked out of their minds and also super overjoyed.  The theme of Church was all about the temple and how families can be together forever and it really touched them!  They really have that goal now of making it to the temple one day and they know it all starts with these steps Paco is now taking! I feel so blessed that God let me be a part of it and that so many hands have been involved in bringing him closer to the truth.

Basically I get to watch miracles, blessings, joy, and crazy happiness happen everyday and I couldn't imagine anything better!!!
Lift where you stand and enjoy every minute of everyday,
With so much love,
Hermana Neuberger

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