Sunday, July 27, 2014

How Many Nurses Does It Take?

Well this week I sure don't have a lot of cool stories to tell because it´s safe to say that I don't really remember this week at all......I ended last week with a fever of 101 that I got over in a day.  I made it through all of Sunday but wasn't feeling too hot by the end of the night.  Last Monday I was feeling completely better, and even if I hadn't been feeling good I wouldn't have told anybody because the guys in our ward were playing soccer and had invited us to join! SOOOOO THERE!!! After an hour of nonstop play I almost passed out.......and then I laid in bed for a couple of hours to recover....

So that brings us to this past week where everything started falling apart.  Tuesday morning I was fine, which is the exact opposite of how I felt six hours later.  We went home early Tuesday because i felt like someone was trying to drill into my head and I was worried I wasn't going to be able to make it home.  As i curled up in a ball on the street corner waiting for a cambi, my comp called every family she knew to see who could come give me a blessing.  We barely made it home and my temperature was at a startling 103.2.....rough! The Pagazas ended up being the ones to show up (our fabulous relief society president) and they refused to let me stay in the house.  They didn't care what President Kusch did or said, they were taking me to the hospital and that was final.  Though I was sick....I put up a good fight :) Lets just start by saying that I HATE everything to do with doctors and hospitals.  Both words together = needles, pills, and possible surgery! After a whole lot of tears, which did not help my fever in the slightest, I was dragged out to the car.  Every speed bump sent a ton of pain through my body and i was worried I was going to throw up all over their nice car.  Not to pat myself on the back or anything BUT I understood every question and everything the doctors/nurses said to me and I think that joy in itself made me more healthy then anything else ;) I think they were a little more then horrified when I for sure understood what they were asking for when they said "un poco de sangre".  My only thoughts, "NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!!!!"

Yes parents, I'm embarrassed to say that even in Mexico Psychotic Klee came with me and boy did she do her damage.  It's safe to say that what went down was an event that everyone present will never forget..... :D They had to call in the two guy nurses plus Hermana Pagaza, and my comp to help hold me down while the poor nurse tried to put in the IV.  PARTY!!!! Just trying to spice up their lives at 11 pm at night when they have nothing else to do.  Its safe to say Nurse Olivia soon realized that tell me to be calm was a useless refrain.  With IV pumping three different types of medicine into my body I felt two thumbs up fabulous.  All I know is the video is fabulous :) We were at the hospital till about 2 am.....and that sadly didn't end the sickness, but at least now we knew what it was.  My body was trying to get rid of some kind of poison that was pooling in my blood in my lower abdomen.  Basically my body was doing EVERYTHING in its power to get it out of me, hence the days of raging fever.

The next day we slept till about 1pm cause i was still trying to get over all the hardcore drugs they had put into my body.  My comp was also a little bit sick this whole week too but flew under the radar cause she wasn't as bad as me (poor thing).  Wednesday we couldn't leave our beds cause after the medicine wore off my 102 fever came right back.  Going to the Pharmacy was a horrid trip and then the medicine didn't kick in for about three hours.....and basically I don't remember much of Wednesday other then a lot of ridiculous pain and heat.  Apparently members stopped by to help out and try to get my fever down....and apparently I fought them off (whoops). I seriously didn't know but Ill forever be grateful!!!!  Thursday, with all 4 types of medicine pumping through me, I felt sooooo good and wanted to get back out there and working again soooo badly, but there were probably about 30 people that would have been furious with me if I had left the house at all.  So instead I sat in the doorway and talked to everyone that walked by, good times.  I actually met some really cool people!!!

Friday and Saturday we did work! Boy were we tired at night but it was all sooooo worth it and felt SOOOO good to be back out there!!! I think the funniest thing was Sunday morning at church.  Safe to say the rumors got WAY out of control and some of the things people were asking me about Sunday had me wondering who had spread the word that I had almost died.  People are still asking me about my sickness, a question which is quickly followed by "You don't look like you were ever sick".  I'm glad I can cover it up sooo well.  Now that I'm off the medicine I have a few bad hours but other then that life is really good and I love the people here who are always soooo worried about my health and just sooo amazingly loving!!!!

So transfers came and went and I'm still here in Oaxtepec for another 6 weeks, WOOOHOOOOO!!!!! Turns out 4 people from my generation are training, 3 are now district leaders, and even more are senior companions!! Basically president wasn't lying when he said this might be the best generation hes ever seen.  I couldn't be more happy for them.  Other amazing news: HERMANA CHYNOWETH IS NOW IN MY DISTRICT!!!!!! Basically the world is still beautiful sunny and bright and I just cant smiling despite the crazy heat :)

Didn't have time to read emails this week but I hope your lives are all bright, shiny, and beautiful!!!
Soooo much love coming your way all the way from Mexico :)

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