Monday, August 11, 2014

I Don't Mean to . . .

I don't want to make anybody feel bad. I'm sure that what you're doing in your lives is amazing might never have experienced all the feels like this ;)

The Lost Puppy
Today we had the greatest P-day EVER, like I'm pretty sure it'll ever be topped.  Once upon a time i looked at Travis mission pics and was super jealous of one pday he had where his sponsor took them out to the country side and he hiked and played with either Elder Stranski or Boyd (can't remember which) any who....NEWS FLASH, my area is the country side/mountain side/city side.  Today a fabulous family that lives in the mountain community of San Jose took us hiking.  FAMILY: imagine all the greatest hikes/Neuberger adventures we've had....this was better.  Every 5 minutes i was reminded of a different hiking memory because of something in the landscape.  It was just CRAZY beautiful and a ton of fun!!!!! The entire time all I could think was, "MY FAMILY IS GOING TO LOVE THIS!" The end point was the Mexico equivalent to Johnson Shut-ins (brought back great memories of going with Court, Liz, and Rogelio last year).  Basically the whole thing was straight joy and soooo much laughter because the family is awesome and if i haven't said it enough, MY COMP IS AWESOME!!!!!! The family was going to stay to swim and since missionaries don't swim, we booked it back at missionary pace and made amazing time.  We officially are making about 10 shirts next Monday with all the hilarious quotes and fabulous moments that we want to capture forever.  

I think my area is also the best in the whole mission too! It's huge, which often is a cause for complaint, but then again there's just so much possibility.  We have so many amazing investigators right now and I just love all their joy and happiness that always keeps me smiling! Pretty sure our coolest investigator, backstory wise, is Gelacio.  The guy is a guard at a fraccionamiento...after being kicked out of the United States....after working for some kind of organization that just took people out, AKA Jason Bourne.  Basically he had a Jason Bourne moment, realized that the people he was killing had wives and families, and just couldnt do it anymore.  BASICALLY we found some of the coolest people ever this week; families, young, old, and just happy.  Another awesome soul that were teaching was super involved with the drug cartels in Columbia/kidnapped/done it all.....but now works making wedding dresses for people...but that's a story for another time.

I think the biggest thing the Lord was trying to teach us this week is that people will always surprise your expectations.  This week not a single one of our investigators (all those dear amazing people that i just love soooo much) showed up to church on Sunday.  We were super depressed and feeling really let down AND THEN, out of nowhere this man that we had talked to for 5 minutes on a cambi the week before showed up. *Jaw drop* He stayed for the entire time and just loved it!!!! We gave him his own personal Book of Mormon at the end of the principles of the gospel and then the teacher challenged everybody to read two chapters a night.  He was committed and excited to start.  His name is Alberto and he makes these AMAZING (caps lock was necessary) candles.  We're half hoping that he will make special ones just for us cause they're soooo cool! If not, I'll happily buy my own.  It was just an amazing moment where we could see the impact that we have each day without even knowing it.  Everyday we talk to about 30 different people and often times we forget about most of them.  Randomly people will come up to us and start talking to us and then be surprised that we don't remember them from that one time on the street corner or on a cambi, but to me it's simply amazing.  In some little way each day we have the chance to impact the lives of 30 people.  Some may never think of us again or our invitation, but there are others who will let those questions affect their lives forever! I'm just so thankful everyday for the people the Lord allows me to meet and the seeds I'm allowed to plant.  it all reminds me a great deal of the Pan Man i contacted one night for about three minutes who actually lived in the district and now is a baptized member of the church.  This work is amazing and were truly given the words to say when we need them.

Love you all so much and the joy in your lives brings extra joy to mine,
Keep loving every minute,
Hermana Neuberger

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