Monday, August 18, 2014

The Neuberger/English Way

Rockin' the tennis shoes
Well this week we had zone conference, and not just any zone conference, for this one we had to put on a play.  Yup, I was all over that.  President sent the same short sketch to all the zones and told us to make it exciting....and he might have mentioned that there would be a prize for the best one.  What's that, competition?!?! Yup, I was all in and all over that.  The script was horrible, but we were excited to make it awesome......and then somehow I was voted to be the cat (oh the irony).  Long story short: We preformed, it was awesome, we won, and I won a special award for best cat (not to brag or anything ;D)......and in the whole process I sprained my foot.  In the afternoon after zone conference, when the pain and swelling started in full force, I traveled everywhere hopping.  Fun fact: streets in Mexico  are not hoppable, so I fell hardcore (but very gracefully) and these two random strangers, who naturally spoke English, carried me to a cambi to take me home.....slightly awkward experience but I was thankful.  ENTONCES for the last 5 days Ive been rocking my tennis shoes with my skirt and dresses.  Basically I've always been meant to be a hipster, what can i say.

Monsters Inc Hats from Mom's package
I didn't want to call Hermana Kusch, cause she kind of over freaks out, so I was just gonna let it be my little secret....but then I got a call from President Kusch Saturday morning telling me to meet him at the church in Cocoyoc.  Well, it wasn't about my foot  .  .  . THANKS MOM FOR A FABULOUS PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!! The ward members were kind of confused why there was so much princess stuff, but I was overjoyed!!!! ALI, ROGELIO, CHALLIE AND TAYLOR THANKS FOR YOUR LETTERS!!!!!!!!!! It was easily the highlight of the day.

I truly believe that the greatest lesson I've learned here is: The Lord has a perfect timing for everything.  First off, we teach people all the time about the plan the Lord has for them and how perfect it is.  Heavenly Father loves each of these people in a way that I can’t even comprehend and therefore He also has a great plan for each of them that I might not be able to fully comprehend either.  One day they'll see.  One day they'll understand.  One day they'll accepted it all.  That's how the Lord works.  His love is so great, so infinite, so strong, that hes going to give each of them more then one chance to hear the gospel message and accept it. He wants them to return to His presence and He wants to know/use the power of the Atonement in their lives just as much as He wants that for me and I can testify that He wants that for me so deeply that i can’t even describe it.  His timing is perfect and one day it will all work out for His good.  

Excited for a little Mac and Cheese

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