Monday, June 30, 2014

I Thought I Knew Rain

They aren’t joking around when they tell you there’s a rainy season in Mexico! For all I know we’re currently in December or January ‘cause it’s so "cold" I no longer use my fan to sleep at night and I’ve actually worn my jeans a few times in the mornings.  Basically I feel like the biggest wimp ever but, hey, for all I know it could be 40 degrees here ;) We don’t ever have hot water so showering in the morning has been quite the process for the last three months....the process of actually getting into the shower I mean.  On the mornings where you don’t put any effort into your workout...well let’s just say you’re thoroughly awake after a plunge into the shower, and there’s a possibility of getting just a little pneumonia.  And then the rains came this week in full force and the flash flooding was crazy, again! The best was last night when we were wadding through stuff that was up to our knees just trying to get home....naturally the one day we didn’t bring our umbrellas with us.  That was one of the best adventures ever!

This week was a lot of little miracles and small world moments that probably wouldn’t be as cool if I wrote about them now, but to me were just life changing.  I feel like everyone, everywhere has some connection to the Church.  We’re wandering around, asking random strangers if they´ve heard of someone and then out of nowhere they´re like, "I know the Mormons" and then the conversation just instantly starts.  This week was really hard because we had about a thousand random meetings and therefore didn’t really have time to see everybody this week.  Kind of worked out to our benefit in some cases because it left kids asking parents where we are and why we hadn’t passed by and, by the transitive property, making the parents realize what an amazing impact we were having on their kids.  Basically it means that they finally understand what an amazing effect the gospel can be in their lives and they’re embracing it more than ever!

During one of the VERY rainy mornings, my comp and I went outside to find rocks for a lesson we were going to be having later that day.  As I climbed around in the rain and mud (yes Cara, my favorite) I found these tiles that we could use instead.  As we were attempting to break the sharp pieces off these tiles ward members passed by....twice, and looked just a little confused about what exactly the missionaries were doing....luckily our ward loves us :)  Then that same morning, at interviews with the president, as we were leaving I dropped the bag with the tiles in it that we had worked so hard on and heard a huge shattering noise.  Naturally, as all things go that happen in my life, everyone happened to be there when it happened.  Only one shattered and boy did it shatter! As I let out a huge "AWWWW MAN! NOOOOOO!!!!,” President Kush was dying of laughter and telling me that it’d be an even better example know and we could use it for so many meanings.  HAHA!

Two amazing things that happened this week (that I’m actually gonna comment on ‘cause there were certainly more than just two):
We stopped by and surprise visited Elvia, who we can’t teach anymore because of her husband, and she was overjoyed.  She told us about all the stuff she’s been reading in the Book of Mormon and bore her testimony about how true she knew it was.  It was amazing and the spirit is ALWAY incredibly strong when were there with her!

Also this week we had a chance to talk to the Pan Man again for the first time in three weeks (that’s about when I contacted him and gave him a book of Mormon).  Turns out he’s now going to church, reading, AND meeting with the missionaries!!!!! Gosh it was the coolest to talk to him and see where your contacting can go.  Talking to everyone truly matters!!!! 

There’s so much more to tell but I’ve got to until next week!!!!
Hope your summers are just rocking :)


Hermana Neuberger

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