Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Is This Legal?

It's fun not being the short companion
This morning we were reading out of the mission manual, My comp in English and I in Spanish, when all of a sudden (I might not have been paying the best attention) I hear my name, like my real one.  I look up super shocked and she just has a huge grin on her face.  "Whoops.  I meant Christ like.....Did you know that your name is super similar to Christ like??" I died of laughter :)

Well I'm going to use the term lost in a fairly free way because as missionaries, or in at least my case, we're never truly lost(Editor's note: this is said tongue in cheek as KL has a long reputation of getting lost).  This week we found out, or it might have been last week, that the Guerrero missionaries aren't ever going back so every area in Morelos was divided again.  We lost three investigators because of the area divide.  It was crazy hard to decided which half of the area we wanted and where exactly we wanted to divide the area because every investigator matters and for sure has a huge place in my heart.  I hope the other missionaries take good care of T B, but I know they will!! But with the divides we took T A and have decided to start working that very untouched part of our area.  Yes we've been warned of the danger so we only go when we have a fixed appointment, but its been nothing less of rewarding.  The best part is that Amatlan is beyond huge!!!! I'm still not super certain about exactly where it starts which means that we do a whole lot of walking down this country lane to find the correct turn off.  This week an awesome member that's also a taxi driver saw us waiting for the cambi and insisted on giving us a lift.  We tried to explain to him that we didn't have the slightest idea where we were going, only the name of a street, and it only put a bigger grin on his face (taxi cab drivers like a challenge).  As we searched, stopping at every store along the way to ask if they knew the street, he became more and more giddy and just laughed about how much it reminded him of his own mission.  We finally found the dirt road that lead off into the distance with no houses in sight and climbed out of the taxi.  He looked up the road and asked if we could say a prayer because he felt a little bit responsible for leaving us in the middle of nowhere and wanted to make sure that we would make it back.  It was an amazing adventure where we walked down this dirt road for 20 minutes looking for the white house that the store lady had described to us.  I was certain that I could see the house off in the distance and, being the taller one of the duo, my comp mistakingly believed me.  The "house" ended up being a lake that was reflecting the clouds above it (HAHAHA!).  But we did eventually find the BLUE house and taught a fabulous new investigator.
My Mexican comp never ate gorditas

As we were walking back to T (because a cambi never passed) we passed a huge field of flowers and it was basically like my wildest dreams come true, so we took a ton of pictures and my comp thought I was even more crazy then normal.....what can you do!

This week the attendance in the branch was back up and it just felt right.  I know the mission really is about the service that we do without reward, but it felt super good this week when the branch president saw our four pages of informa de progresos and simply said wow under his breath.  After consejo he took me and my comp aside and thanked us for all the work that we do/are doing to make Tepoztlan better...it just felt good.

Earlier I was reading in the Isaiah chapters of Nephi (always a doozy) and really trying to find something that I could apply to myself.  I was half focusing and more thinking about how blessed our week has been when I came across a scripture that I really really like: (2 Nephi 20:15)
15. Shall the ax boast itself against him that heweth therewith? Shall the saw magnify itself against him that shaketh it? As if the rod should shake itself against them that lift it up, or as if the staff should lift up itself as if it were no wood!

Is this legal?
I truly beleive that one of my biggest struggles for my entire life is humility.  Truly this work has nothing to do with me because, just like this scripture so clearly states, its impossible for us, the tools of the Lord, to function without His force.  In this work we need His power, His guiding spirit, and His gospel to change the lives of others.  I cant boast of my own strength because its not me thats carrying this work.  In reality my time here will be really short, but thanks to Him this message can be carried to the people of Tepoztlan forever by the missionaries that follow me.  This message truly is life changing and its something that will last forever.  Its not only something that functions for a moment, that gives a few answers, but its doctrine that when truly applied can bring us a joy that we have never experienced and will never experience anywhere else.  I know the church is true and more then anything else I want others to experience and feel of that joy that can only come from the gospel in their lives!

Share this great message,
Hna Neuberger

Sound of Music Mexican Style

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