Monday, November 17, 2014


Well I am such a fan of all the surprise visitors that have been passing through Tepoztlan!!!! It's also become a problem cause I think I've given myself serious whiplash from all the crazy head turning it's caused.  I'm also a little jittery now because I truly believe that I keep seeing people that really aren't there.  Today we were standing in the center not really looking at anything, WAITING FOR FERB AND CAPENER TO COME SEE US (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), when around the corner walks Carlos.  We make eye contact and awkwardly stare at each other as he enters the square.  I wasn't positive it was him cause he was still far away and he wasn't positive it was me cause he couldn't see my name badge, but the awkward moment ended with huge smiles and a heartfelt handshake. I was so excited and didn't even know what to ask him first.  I really wanted to know if the entire Garcia family was there...but no.....BUT then Mohommad, Ali, and Eric!!!!!! And while we were standing there laughing and talking I got jumped from behind by two of the coolest/most amazing/greatest people ever which resulted in a lot of joy and happiness and crazy hugging.  So we had a Oaxtepec reunion and it was awesome! It was one of the greatest Pdays ever just cause I got to spend the entire time with Ferb and Capener and laugh out of my mind at all of our crazy stories and stuff.  It's really weird cause I haven't seen them both in over four months....and now it just feels like normal times all over again....I don't want them to leave in 30 minutes :(

Reunion with Oaxtepec crew
Time is passing so fast I don't even know what to think.  You all wonder what I did last week and I have to be perfectly honest when I look back and wonder the same thing.  Weeks feel like days so I often have a hard time realizing what I did each day.  Daddy Morningstar was back in town this week (and only for a week...) so we only had a chance to teach them once cause they were crazy busy doing everything family with the very short time they had together.  He won't be back again till February but that's okay cause the missionaries who are here in Tepoztlan in February are gonna be so grateful for how much we have prepared this family and how ready they all are for their baptism.  Our goals is to act like they're already members and to continue strengthening their testimonies so they're beyond ready.  I love how much they love us and their desire to know more.  Plus the fact that their oldest daughter (Christina) is now a crazy awesome and strong member happens to help a LOT! 

Attendance at the branch has been really little as of lately and we don't know what to do.  We have some of the most powerful lessons of my mission with MA and I was so certain they were gonna be back at church the next Sunday.....nothing.  This week was Stake Conference so we had to take the bus ride to Cuernavaca for conference...which meant that basically everyone decided not to come, even the "active members".  That was super ruff and yet really rewarding, let me explain why.  Saturday night we went beyond crazy inviting everyone possible and reminding everyone possible that tomorrow the bus was leaving from the gasolinera (which is kind of far away from everything) at 8 am.  We promised everyone that they could sleep on the bus ride there and that it would be a really rewarding experience.  We arrived at the gas station first Sunday morning and waited as the member started trickling in.  First surprise, Yeni showed up and was ready to go (she's only been to church once in my time here) and then not just Mireya but ALL OF HER FAMILY (even her non-member children) showed up! Needless to say it was quite jaw dropping.  The conference was very enjoyable, primero, because the talks were amazing as always, second because it was a conference year when a general authority visits, third because everyone decided to speak in Spanish instead of using a translator....giggle, giggle, giggle....I hope you can imagine how that went down.  We listened to Elder Neil A. Anderson speak some interesting Spanish, but I think it's safe to say that he fought to the end and everyone really appreciated it.  I think the coolest part about the whole thing was that it was the first time that any of the Spanish saints had heard the real voice of Elder Anderson, usually they just listen to a voice over of a translator!  After the conference I didn't know what to do with myself as everyone gathered around their friends from the stake and missionaries with their investigators.  Safe to say I felt like the biggest loner of all time BUT looking around at how happy everyone was, especially the investigators, filled me with a greater resolve to get my investigators to church next week and back on track to progression.

One of the coolest moments/straight up miracles that happened this week occurred late one night when an appointment fell.  I feel as though all the stories of miracles happen in the same kind of settings.  We weren't really sure to do with our hour so we went looking for a reference that lived near by.  It was super dark so we started knocking on just about every door cause we couldn't read the numbers and everyone needs the gospel anyways! As we were knocking on one door their neighbor happened to answer and asked what we needed.  We asked him if he knew the person we were looking for, "nope I'm new here", "oh perfect, well we're the missionaries", "......Yeah i noticed your badge....I'm a member..." JAW DROP!!!! Turns out he was baptized about 6 years ago in the District and was young mens president for a year.  He moved to Tepoztlan a year ago and became less active.  But he certainly won't be less active for long.  He got really excited as we bore our testimonies and then ran in to introduce us to his wife, who is now a new investigator!!! I love how much the Lord works through us to find the people who need to remember the great love he has for each of them and the joy the gospel can bring to families.  As we were walking back, giddy about the experience we had just had, we walked by another family and I felt impressed to contact them.  They accepted everything and we had our first appointment with them yesterday night.  It took an hour to find their house because they live on the most poorly numbered street in probably all the world and then they weren't home (always a missionary bummer).  We decided to pass back by later and the family was thrilled that we had taken the time to see them again.  Turns out they have an older son who has actually been to church over 20 times but in a different area (chiado!).  What can I say, I just love my families of 5!

I'm so grateful for the great work and golden opportunities that I have each day to be here truly helping others with all my energy and all my time! In the words of Lucy Smith I often wonder and ask the Lord, "What comes next for willing hands to do?"

Until next week ;)
Hermana Neuberger

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