Monday, May 4, 2015

They Ran Us Right Out of Town

So I guess I’ll just start out with the biggest surprise....I’m no longer in Amayuca. It’s weird to think that a month ago I was saying goodbye to everyone in Chilpo and now I’m already gone from Amayuca. But that’s the mission.  I’m sure you’re all wondering why? A question that can be summed up in one word, Twins!

Remember last week how we were all laughing (President included) about two human eating white people running around the corn fields of Amayuca? Well on Tuesday night we were contacting someone when we got a call from a member.  She simply told us that some crazy lady (the “don’t eat me” lady from last week) was trying to start a law suit against us and that she was also trying to convince her neighbors to band together to run us out of town.  The warning was just to not go to that part of town and it would all settle down in a couple of days. Okay, sounds good and we hung up thinking that everything would be alright. We had just walked in our door when the phone rang and poor Elder Ramos only said, "You guys have to get out now" (in his flawless English). "There is a huge mob coming for you guys, so pack!!! Were on our way to pick you up" IS THIS A JOKE!!! And now we see how quickly the truth can be changed and blown WAY out of proportion.  Apparently after talking to us the member had called our ward mission leader just to warn him, who had called the first counselor, who had called the elders, who instantly called President because they were so scared.  The story grew from an angry lady’s talk to an imaginary angry mob that was coming to lynch us....I truly don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard.  The best part is that we never unpacked from Chilpo because we were still awaiting the call that would tell we were headed back to good old Aeropuerto, therefore packing took a whole 5 seconds.  The Elders picked us up and took us to the stake center where we met our very confused zone leaders, who had no idea what was going on.  We stayed with the only other sisters in our zone for the night...and long story short, basically our entire zone finally got to bed about midnight due to the whole twin fiasco. We made it to the mission offices the next morning, where we got to once again tell the dramatic story of the twins (something we were getting REALLY good at) .  .  .  . and then we found out that Hermana Garcia and I were getting super separated .  .  .  . all laughter gone! She only has 11 days left, safe to say I was super disappointed!!! On the positive side I’m back with Hermana Chynoweth, my MTC companion, and Hermana Skinner, a sister I’ve known and loved all my mission.  I’m serving in Palmas, the President’s home ward, and my areas is so beautiful that I’m actually okay with serving in Cuernavaca.  I’m finally back to huge hills littered with houses and a ton of greenery, ITS SOOOOO PRETTY!!! So here starts my area of firsts: first trio, first area in my entire mission that I’m not opening, first time serving in Cuernavaca, first time getting emergency transferred, first time having a ton of missionaries in my ward, and first time not being sad to change.

I think there has been an overkill of happiness in the last couple of days and I am not the least bit sorry for it!!!! Life is just good and I’m counting down the days till I get to see Hermana Garcia again (just 5 days when she comes through on her way home) and I get to see my baby, Hermana Hernandez, tomorrow so life just keeps going up! Who knows what’s going to happen with transfers in 5 days, but I don’t like to think about it.  For now I’m just enjoying! 

Between false doctrine Friday (Hermana Skinner was having a hard day) and a crazy amount of golden investigators I don’t even know where to begin talking about how amazing this ward is! There is naturally a ton of work to do because the ward has 600 members and only a sacrament meeting attendance of 100, BIG PROBLEM, but that’s all about to change because there is serious power in this trio.  I think in the last couple of days I might have taught the most powerful lessons of my mission!

On Sunday I was talking to a member and a man standing nearby overheard my name.  He looked up shocked and said, "did you say Neuberger?" I was super shocked and said yes. "You know Elder Stutz.  I know you.  I’ve heard all about you! It’s so nice to meet you!" That got the ward really excited soooooo Hey Thanks Tanner ;)

I’m excited for everything that life has to bring!!!!

Love ya,

Hermana Neuberger

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