Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It Wasn't Us

So kind of second week  "ish" opening an area.  Naturally, our miracles were up and it was time to get crazy to work.  It was a rather hard week, but we were trying so hard to reach every possible goal we had set.  We passed by everyone's house on Saturday and found next to no one.  The people we did find couldn't come to church the next day, so we were really stressed, scratch that, I was really stressed! We spent the good portion of 2 hours calling every investigator, MA, reference, AI, and contact that we could find a number for to boost them up and invite them to church.  We got next to no answers.....

So the next morning we went to work knocking doors, trying to find people at home, trying to remind people of the importance of the sacrament...and nothing, no one was home.  So we ran to the church for ward council and spent the little time we had before and after the meeting calling more and more people and still getting more answering machines then anything else.  We said a quick prayer and then just put on the smiles to say hi to the members that were arriving.  Basically it was one of the weirdest feelings of my entire mission.  Yes, I was still crazy stressed as always but I was at peace.  There was literally nothing more I could do!

Church started and we had two investigators there, and so I was happy and thankful and telling the Lord all about it.  I decided not to look around that day or keep turning around to check the door because I couldn't imagine who else could possibly walk in. At the end of church, I stood up and turned around, and SHOCK.... there in the back was an old investigator that we had not even called because we hadn't been able to find her in two weeks. And just two rows behind her sat a family that we had contacted the other day!

So maybe the Lord still has plenty of miracles in store for us. "¿Por que ha dejado Dios de ser un Dios de milagros, y sigue siendo todavia un Ser inmutable? Y he aqui, os digo que el no cambia; si asi fuese, dejaria de ser Dios; y el no cesa de ser Dios, y es un Dios de milagros!" (Mormon 9:19) I'm so grateful for a Heavenly Father who is so willing to bless our lives but also lets us stretch ourselves first so that we can become all we need to be!

Love to All!

Hermana Neuberger

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