Monday, May 18, 2015

Cuernavaca Good Times

Well I can’t even begin to describe the positives of this area, because there are far too many and the whole place is so beautiful! I love it despite the fact that my knees are about ready to fall off due to the crazy hills and thousands of stairs.  I think one of the greatest parts about this area is that the office Elders and the Assistants to the President share the ward with us, so the meals that they actually come to are a blast! I officially feel like a secret agent due to the office Elders.  This week has been interesting because not one of the food appointments has been in our area and if I’m getting lost in my own area imagine how great it is when I have to go explore in someone else’s.  BUT luckily the "headquarters" has my back.  I call in to tell them where the food appointment is (they naturally have no idea where it is because they rarely leave the offices) they type the address of the member into Google maps and BAM, I’m getting a fully guided tour to the house of the member.  Something like this, "are you looking at the blue house? Okay so you’re going to walk five more houses down to the orange house and there will be an alley way....don’t go into the alley way." hahaha thanks Elders.

The not so convenient part is that President Kusch lives around the corner which can be rather embarrassing.  I haven’t even been that lost this week, but the other day coming back from lunch we had no idea where to get a bus to get back to our area so we were crossing streets and looking crazy lost.  Out of nowhere we hear someone call out, "Hey Hermanas, are you lost?" I turned around, thrilled and hoping to see a member, only to realize that the question was in English and there were President and Sister Kusch laughing at us from their car....que pena!

More than ever this week I was incredibly thankful for the power of the priesthood and priesthood leaders.  This week my insomnia came back and it hit harder than ever.  I didn’t get any shut eye for about 3 days and after 5 months no problems, I wasn’t use to overcoming it.  By day three I was so beat I couldn’t even express Spanish and smiling made my head hurt.  Worse than ever, I knew my comp was exhausted too, first week on the mission and all, so I couldn’t complain.  I finally broke down and asked for a blessing which resulted in a family council (offices elders and assistants).  Their advice and help was amazing and I’ve been dreaming again.  I’m so thankful that the Priesthood truly has been restored to the earth and is here in this church! What a blessing it is to ask for aid and receive it from on high.

This week we also had the last zone conference ever with President and Sister Kusch and everyone was rather down....well almost everyone.  My newbie comp (no pun intended) was dying of sleep by the second hour and had a grumbling stomach by the fourth hour.  I guess the whole goodbye to the president doesn’t have nearly the same effect when you just met them 5 days before.  The rest of us were hanging on to every word and just loving every moment of it.  It’s going to be super hard to say goodbye to them, but I’m grateful for the chance to have served with them!

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