Monday, September 22, 2014

This I Know

On Saturday morning I phoned Hermana Kusch from the doctor's office where Hermana Hernandez was having her eyes examined (it's still pretty bad, but were resting it).  I thought we were just going to talk about my companion, but I also received some shocking news of my own.  Grandpa Neuberger had passed away.  It wasn't a sudden surprise, we were all aware that his time was short, but the news still took me back for a minute.  In his current state my grandpa truly had no idea who I was but that never changed for a moment how much I loved him or all the times that we shared together.  My instant reaction was shock as the news hit me like ice and a few tears slipped out with a gasp.  But as instantly as that hit another feeling washed over me more powerful then the first. Arms of comfort enveloped me and I felt a tremendous peace.  In the words of Elder Holland, "I testify that angels are still sent to help us...usually such beings are not seen.  Sometimes they are.  But seen or unseen they are ALWAYS near!" I know my grandpa is now here beside me.

One of the greatest messages we get to share with people each and everyday is that of the plan of Salvation.  Indeed we are here on earth for a purpose to experience the true joys of life.  While every life is different,we all suffer different trials, each of us can be aware of our divine destiny as sons and daughters of God.  Though we are separated from Him for a season we will find incredible joy in the day when we get to see Him once again face to face.  That is the message of joy we share: life has
purpose and not only now but for the eternities!

There is one person who is central to this plan, without whom none of this would be possible, our Savior and Brother Jesus Christ.  Many people know that Christ died for us but don't understand the true significance of those words. Jesus Christ willingly died for us and in doing so opened the gate so that we might once again live with our beloved Father in Heaven.  Because He lives we don't have to face the future hopeless because we truly know that death is not the end.  When Christ rose once again from the tomb on the third day, he opend the way that we all might also be resurrected.  In doing so the grave has no victory.  Truly we will live again.  Not just me. Not just you, but every mortal being will have this opportunity.  And in that day we will be made perfect, glorified, and whole.

Though my grandfather left this earth in a broken vessel, he is not that way now.  Yes, he is indeed in a better place as people often say.  That better place is the spirit world where he might rest for a time before the Savior comes again.  Though I'll miss my grandfather more then words can express, I know I will see him again.  I know it! I also know that he will be in perfect form and quickness of mind ready to continue on in the work of the Lord whatever that calling may be.  I know that through the priesthood power of God, that my family can be and indeed will be together for all eternity.  Yes, the time without him will be tough, but the thought of eternity brings me great joy, because its safe to say that's a truly long time.

I know that my grandfather is walking beside me.  The Lord never intended for us to be left alone.  "In times of special need, God sent angels, divine messengers, to bless His children, reassure them that heaven was always very close and that His help was always very near." Each of us has our own angels in our lives.  Some of them or very real and come as the people we know.  And then their are those unseen,sent from the other side of the veil to lift us up,stand by our side, fight our battles, fill us with comfort, and help us carry on.  I am truly grateful for the truly remarkable amount of angels in my life.  Each and everyone of you truly are an angel sent from up above to help morph me in to the person I am today.  I hope that for a moment I could be an angel in your life and help brighten a day.  The Lord has truly blessed me with the greatest friends, teachers and family I could ever ask for.  Each person a unique angel of guidance, comfort laughter,joy, peace, strength, endurance, confidence and more then anything love!  But more then that I'm grateful for the unseen angels in my life who though I can't physically see, I know they're there.  I'm not alone, I have never been alone.  One day I will have the opportunity to see my grandpa again, to give him a hug and talk for hours...but for now I take great joy and strength that he is here by my side guiding me on.

I am truly grateful for this gospel in my life.  For the knowledge, strength, and comfort it gives me during hard times, but more importantly for the joy and pure happiness it gives every day of every minute of every week! The Church is true!

I SWEAR I'll tell about my birthday and all the in between next week!!!!
So much love :)

Sorry Dad. You're gonna have to edit this like crazy because the space bar doesn't work on this computer like half the time and I wrote this in 10 minutes and don't have time to check it ;)
Editor's Note: It was kind of like a word puzzle, but I think I got it fixed.


Hermana Neuberger

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