Monday, September 29, 2014

Still Swimming

Whelp I ALWAYS do that! I promise amazing stuff for next week.....and then I cant even imagine/think about what it was I was going to tell.  Whoops!  One thing that I for sure thought about a lot this week, or maybe better put finally understand, is why the FBI and CIA love hiring people from BYU so much.  We are all natural finders.  The mission trains us super well.  We go out every morning with the goals to find so and so and such and such and we don't come home till we've found them.    Lets just also throw in the fact that Tepoztlan is the worst numbered pueblo in the world so finding anybody on a good day takes expert skills. I love the surprise on peoples faces when they open the door and are like, "how on earth did you find me!?" All I can think of to say is, ".....well you gave us your direction.....and we have time...." I just love how that's truly our goal here, to find those who want to hear more about the gospel.  We're here to find so that we can also share the great gift that we have.

Really quick recap of my bday: A family that I love (even more now that I have 5 weeks in this area) invited me over for a bday meal....where we ate everything Mexican.  There were quesadillas, sopes, tostados, tacos, y empanadas and wow was mind blowing good! After that they brought out the cake.  During this whole party two other families called saying they had something special for my bday and that I should come to their house.....and the family I was with stole the phone both times to inform the other families that they had won....awesome!! After the cake, the little girls put in their Disney sing along disk and a lot of dancing and singing ensued.  Basically I really cant think of a more perfect bday experiencia.  And then afterwards we quickly passed by the other two houses where we recieved more cake and happiness.  I love the people here! They're just soooo amazing!

Tepoztlan is certainly hard to describe, it's certainly not easy.  The work here is really slow, but things are growing in a way that puts a smile on my face.  This week we finally had new people to teach and it felt so good to finally teach again that I didn't want the appointments to end.  But at the same time finding all of these less actives that have lost connection with the church is truly rewarding.  I find myself becoming more and more involved everyday and sometimes it certainly stresses me out but all is well.  There's so much to do I just have to do it one step at a time. The works slow, but there's so much work to do that I'm not complaining.  Right now we are trying to find every less active on the ward list and we have had quite a lot of success. The less actives that we find every day are truly thankful for our visits cause they haven't had contact with the church for years.  Being back to square one is a crazy humbling experience but its truly amazing and powerful to have my testimony of what this area can truly become! I can see the big picture because I've been here before.  I truly think that's the way it is in every moment of our life, we can see the big picture, the struggle is trying to find out how exactly we are going to finally make it there and color in each part. That's why God's plan is perfect! We know all the steps and the possible future results but we have to fill in the middle parts with our actions and what we put into it.  The overall picture/plan of our Heavenly Father is super clear but he leaves us the task of coloring in each piece day by day.  I'm grateful for the struggle and the effort it takes on my part cause that's certainly when i have the greatest chance to grow. 

Hermana Neuberger

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