Monday, September 15, 2014

The Change Up

Well naturally the week that I had a thousand things to share also happened to be the week of my birthday and I had 85 messages in my inbox....THANK YOU FOR ALL THE BDAY WISHES!!!!! I consider myself blessed to know you all.  I tried my best to reply to all of them but if i missed one just know how much I appreciated it!

First off read this: (truly this is amazing!!!!)

Second of all: WOW MIRACLES HAPPEN WHEN YOU JUST BELIEVE!!!!! Some of you recieved my complaint email from last week and know that in reality things here in Tepoztlan are crazy difficult.....SCRATCH THAT....better said things here in Tepoztlan just needed a little push to really start getting the ball rolling! We had branch council for the first time in 3 years this Sunday and it was extremely effective.  I was so excited that we could get everyone there and participating that I couldn't stop smiling during the whole thing.  I also couldn't stop smiling all Sunday when 10 less actives that we had contacted that week showed up to church.  Yup, were hopefully now 10 stronger ;) I was also called on to speak in church (supresa!) and, not to give myself a pat on the back, spoke for 10 minutes about the power of hope using an Uchtdorf talk I had read that morning and other random scriptures.  The thing I'm not aware of is how many people understood...oh well, I try :) Before I got here they couldn't find anyone who wanted to feed the everyone in the branch is trying to get on the calender more then once a week and always telling us that if we need anything to stop by their house.  A lady in our branch is buying us shoes because she just wants to show how much she loves us (and because the holes in my shoes are so large i can stick my hand through).  AND the greatest lady ever in our branch must have my mother's number because she called me this morning and invited me over to her house for a birthday meal and cake! THANKS MOM ;)

Third thing: I made a LOT of realizations this week! Realization one: MY COMP IS TAYLOR VOELKER TO A TEE! Yup be jealous :) Realization two was that Matt Olsen would love to live here.....if you know Matt Olsen I hope that now gives you a better idea of what this place is like! 

Fourth thing: Everyday I'm from a different country, but never the United States.  I love how people look at me and instantly know I'm from the US.  They try to speak to me in English and I pretend that I don't understand.  That confuses them so much it always gives me a good laugh. I've recently tested out telling people I'm from Mexico...and they believe me!

Whelp I have sooooo much more to share but time's up!!
Love you all soooo very much and I promise real stuff and pictures next week

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