Monday, May 12, 2014

That One Where I Had No Time

Well today we hiked a see the lamest pyramid ever....but the hike was amazing and sooooooo fun!!!!!!! But now I only have 20 minutes so that happened.....

Funny story of the week:
We ran out of tp late at night (which for us missionaries means it was like 10pm) so we had to go run and get some.  Naturally the corner store was closed so we had to run like three blocks and for us it felt like it was 1:00 in the morning and I was giddy from being a "rule breaker".  We purchased the tp and hid it in my coat and started running up the hill fake shouting, "I got the tp" (totally thinking of Sydney/Connor Black and that AMAZING summer!!!)......and then the police came pulling up to the house I was right next to...two cop is just awesome!!!

Told you it was a great hike!
I've also now experienced two earthquakes here in mexico.  For all those who have asked, I'm doing just fine, thank you for your concern! The damage wasn't anywhere near me, but we certaintly felt them and we keep thinking the volcano is going to explode anyday now...that would be the day!
So I loved talking to my family on Mother's Day! It was wonderful to talk to them and hear their voices. And since I'm so crunched for time I want to share somehthing that my friend Elder Schmidt sent me in his letter this week that I absoluetly love and I think sums it all up so well!

"Is your mission hard?"
Let me ask.
Don't know what these are, but they like food
Is it hard when you get the door slammed in your face everyday?
Is it hard when your investigators are not at appointments?
Is it hard when [21] people are lined up for church and only one is there?
Is it hard when people don't understand the blessings you can help them find?
Is it hard when you find solid people, who live in other areas?
Is it hard when you feel you just don't live up to what is needed?
The answer to all of these-- yes. 

But let me ask, Is it worth it?
Is it worth it to find an investigator and teach the Restoration of God's church?
Is it worth it to teach people there is hope in this life and also in the one to come?
Is it worth it to see the one investigator at church find a home in the ward?
Is it worth it to see a light come on in someone's life as they understand God?
Is it worth it to help someone make the first steps towards baptism?
The answer to all of these-- Absolutely!

Everyday is hard and yet everyday is a grand new adventure! You never know of the blessings Heavenly Father has lined up for you that day until you go out and get them. Yeah there's bad days and the days when I think of everyone back home and all the fun things that I could be doing.....but one moment, one blessing reminds me of how worth it this all is and I really couldnt think of anywhere else I'd rather be!!!!

I'm sure there's more I'd loved to say and that 'Ill remember in like 20 minutes, but I guess that's it for now. Until next week keep making the world smile wherever you are!!!
Hermana Neuberger :)

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