Monday, May 5, 2014

How Is It Already May?

Wow what a week of miracles! Add to that the too short bathroom curtain, the lady who invited us to her birthday party on the cambi (which of course we went to), the fact that I wouldn't be surprised if I was out of layers of skin, the rejection door (story to follow), the fact that I had oysters for the first time in my life (yes Cara DeBellis I admit that I've been lying to you for years. No hard feelings??) AND CARNIVAL and you're talking about one of the most crazy amazing weeks ever!!!

I really was gonna take the time this week to tell about all my investigators/friends but I talk to my family for real this Saturday and I want to have stories to tell them so I leave that as a promise for next week.

The highlight of hilariousness of this week for sure had to be when we trying to find a family that we had contacted the night before in the street.  Basically we knew the address they were giving us was incorrect along with the last name because their younger daughter said, "that's not us" before they could silence her, but we went to find it anyway hoping the Lord would plant a miracle in our path as He has done so many times before.  This miracle happened to be the one of straight up laughter!!!! We found the door and my comp knocked only for us to notice a second later the sign that was in the upper corner of the door that said something along the lines of: This house despises all other religious sects, we do not allow soliciting, we persecute other religions, all Hail the Virgin Mary!......yup, so that happened.  We gracefully covered our tags with our hair when the guy opened the door cause i certainly would prefer my face to stay in this same arrangement. We walked away dying of laughter! Usually it drives me insane when people give us fake addresses but the fact that they took the time to give us the address of the rejection door....well oddly I was okay with it!

This week was another testament of how boss the scriptures are....I sincerely hope you don't consider that sacrilegious of me to say.  I just couldn't stop finding amazing scriptures all week that just had me fist pumping like crazy.  The best part is that most of them were just those amazing one liners. This week I took a break from reading Moroni 7 (always gets me) and read my favorite chapter from the Bible, Romans 8, again for the first time since leaving on my mission. WHY HAVE I NOT DONE THAT BEFORE?!?! I was once again reminded of why the scriptures are so true.  The thing I want to "read" to you is Romans 8:31.  Summarizing from Spanish it basically says, "If God is for us who can be against us?" Amazing! Basically I've been thinking a lot about that this week.  We shared it with a ton of people and it just always put a smile on my face cause its simply a testament of truth.  We can do everything when we are in line with the Lord.  It reminds me of 2 Nephi 2:24 (all things are done through God who knows all things).  We have the greatest power in our corner and when the day looks dull LOOK UP and remember it!!!!

Have a blessed week and laugh a little for me,
the church is true,
Hermana Neuberger

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