Monday, April 7, 2014

The Week I Was Hit By A Bus

Well, I certainly got your attention just to say.....APRIL FOOLS!!!! (I know that was last week, but I forgot)
I have more to write about today then I have time so I'll try to sum it up in an organized list of awesomeness.  The most hilarious moment of the week was when my comp walked into a bus, a parked bus.  She made the most manly sound I've ever heard and the guys on the back of the cambi were dying of laughter, good times!
Things that Ill never get over:
  1. The Food!!!! (one day I won't mention this, but I seriously can't express to you the bits of heaven I'm consuming!!!)  My comp and I are currently trying to decide which panadaria (bakery) is the best in our city.  The overall winner is officially the one that's half a mile away, so that worked out :) You have not lived till you've have tasted Mexican macaroni and cheese (hard to com pare to the American kind).  Its something else!!!
  2. How nice the people are! That one I'm not really sure how to explain other then that it's the truth.  Everyone on our street officially knows us and the other night as we were trying to carry our 7 gallon thing of water awkwardly home the husband of one of these awesome families came over and took it from me, then carried it up the hill to our home.  Charity!
  3. How amazing my district and zone are!!!! I feel like I´ve known these people forever!!! On Tuesday we had a meeting with all the companionships in the state of Morales.  We all traveled to Cuernavaca only to find that our zone had been told the wrong time and all arrived an hour and a half early.  Well that was totally fine (reference point 3) because the Mexicans tried to teach me games and kept inviting me back to play because they thought it was hilarious how little I understood.  Basically I was running around talking and laughing with all of them and giddy about the prospect of seeing Hermana Chynoweth again.  That was the reuniting of the century, us running up/down the stairs to embrace each other, basically a movie!! I'm thoroughly convinced that every person in this mission is amazing.  Its a requirement! Plus our zone has officially made shirts...we hung out once and it apparently was just that great ;)
  4. How happy I constantly am.  I know for some of you, you might think KL always is happy so that´s nothing new, but it truly is. This is a new kind of happy.  Its all centered on the fact that all day everyday I get to talk to people about our Savior Jesus Christ and share the glad tidings with them.  You truly can´t beat that!!!
  5. How many good scriptures there are!!!! Everyday I have an hour to simply feast upon the words of Christ and though I´ve read them before I always am struck by new powerful insights that always fit exactly what I need.  Read the scriptures daily for in them you will truly find the answer to all things.
  6. How tired I am.  You would think being a college student and pulling back to back all nighters would prepare you for mission life, WRONG!!! At the end of the day I collapse to the beautiful melody of dogs fighting in the abandoned lot next door. We get 8 hours of sleep a night (which is probably more sleep than I have ever had) and some how its still not enough, but that doesn't hold us back from throwing our whole soul into every day.
  7. How there are models on all the labels of food items.  Oh yes, I have to buy this loaf of bread because it has a family on it not just a single smiling woman.  Eating this bread will clearly strengthen my family in multiple ways.  Or the man that smiles at me from my milk carton label.  You got to love Mexico! I certainly wonder how those models tell people what they do ;)
  8. How everyone here seems to know the Mormons.  I don´t know how, but I seriously believe the people of Mexico have all seen a missionary before.  How cool is that?! It makes talking to them way easier because they're already aware of what we have to offer.
  9. How amazing general conference is, every time, no matter what.  There is truly nothing like listening to the prophet and apostles of God just throwing down the doctrine.  Every time I listen I just sit there shaking my head in wonder. The spirit, the message, and the power is not equaled anywhere else.  If you didn't have the chance to watch it, WATCH IT.  If you did watch it, WATCH IT AGAIN!!! I cant wait for the Ensign so I can read and study the talks again.  I felt like every word was for me and if not for me for my investigators.  My testimony was extremely strengthened and I want to simply throw an amen to everything that was said.
  10. How true this gospel is.  I´ve seen it changes lives here on the mission and I've seen the way it's changed my life.  I look at people on a daily basis and see all the blessings that could so easily be theirs if they'd embrace this great truth in their own lives.  This past Saturday I had my first baptism, Alexis Sandoval (an 18 year old boy).  Living the gospel was not the easiest thing or choice he could have made in his life and there were numerous times when he simply stated how hard it was and wondered if he could do it.  Watching him get baptized was amazing because you could see the change.  He wasn´t just attempting to live the gospel, he was doing it because he knew it was true.  Afterwards, this amazing young man who rarely shows his emotions said simply with tears in his eyes, "this is better then I've ever felt in my life." The gospel is true.
Me and my companion Hermana Young
Live everyday to it's fullest potential.  Don't ever let a day pass you by with regrets.  When life falls apart, remember tomorrow's another chance to make it better and that chance comes from a loving Heavenly Father who wants only the best for you.  Put your strength in Him and no day will be a waste, you cannot fail!

At Alexis' Baptism
With an abundance of love,
Hermana Neuberger

Mi casa

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