Monday, March 31, 2014

What Is Heat?

My area is huge, like an hour to drive from one end to the other huge, so it's hard to really label it as poor or nice.  Half of my area is farm land and mountains and ridiculously goregous but not as wealthy.  Then there's a part that is the tourist area and rich in culture.  And then there's where I live which is average except for the neighborhood that is connected to it.  To call it a neighborhood is kind of an understatement. Let me try to describe it to you.  It's called Lomas de Cocoyoc (but in Oaxtepec so go figure) and its basically the Beverly Hills of Morales.  It could easily be its own city!!! First off there are armed guards at the entrance so you can't enter unless someone who lives there lets you in.  Second, there are all these nice stores and resturants inside.  Third the houses are bigger then my own and have grass and air conditioning...which means a lot!!! The other night we were at a member's house who lives in this area and I seriously couldnt remember where I was when we left.  So jump on google maps and check it out...I live in #56 Moctezuma, Oaxtepec.....if you can even google map that.

I went shopping today and when we walked into the store a song, that i deem the theme song of Jamestown #27 (Travis' apartment) was playing.  I half expected Chris Smith to come dancing around the corner followed by Scott Holmes. I was overjoyed.  I could go on forever about the singing here but instead I'll comment on the crazy amount of English music that's everywhere.  The other day we were teaching a lesson and I almost started laughing because "Happy" came on (kind of my theme song) and I just wanted to start singing.  All the time on the buses my comp and I look at each other and start mouthing the words.

So this week, where to even begin, it's hot!!! Shocking I know, but I'm pretty sure I've never been this hot before.  I washed everything I own today (an interesting process that involves multiple buckets and a scrubbing board) and was shocked to see how dirty the water was...Whoops!
Can i just say I LOVE the way Mexicans drive. Americans should take some tips from other countries and realizes that traffic rules arent needed ;) The other day a member was driving us to her house and driving 70 km/h down the windy road...lets just add in that she was also older.  Safe to say it was absolutely awesome!!!
We had the first bugs enter our apartment this week and it was thrilling.  They've never really bothered me but my companion has different feelings to say the least.  But we have a frying pan so all is well ("frying pans, who knew??)! Those scorpions literally didn't know what hit them and some of the spiders bodies were never found.  Basically, the first time we found a scorpion my comp was screaming, which made me keel over in laughter, ending up right next to the scorpion.  A member later told me about how poisonous it was, so I won't make that mistake again! Now my companion just says, "Neuberger, take it out!" and hands me the frying pan all Jason Bourney.
I'm pretty sure all the members and everyone else in Mexico thinks we're starving.  Members feed us everyday and instead of taking food home like my Mom always makes the missionaries do, these members just expect us to eat everything right then and there....four courses at least and always second helpings of everything.  It's great because the food here is amazing (I could go on for hours) but there's a point in which all your body's senses are in red alert and telling you to stop before you die!!!! We eat one meal a day cause thats all we need, but we'd never tell the members here that. They offer to buy us groceries all the time and comment on our small figures.  I'm actually proud that I've managed to maintain mine...and I don't know how long it will last! Hermana Gordita here I come!!!! The mission theme here is, "Go big or go home.....or go home big" and I wouldnt want to be the one to break mission rules.
Anyway, this week was really great overall with the exception of Friday which was easily the hardest day of my life.  We got burned for all 10 of our appointments, 2 of which we had ridden the bus for an hour to get to.  To make things better, no one wanted to talk to us and it was safe to say I was lower then low.  My comp hit it on the head when she said, "it hurts so bad when people reject us because in reality theyre rejecting God." Were offering them the greatest gift of all time and they can't take three seconds to hear it.  But that's the joy of missionary work at the same time, we have a gift that can make you happy for all eternity so when people do listen everything is worth it!!! I have a testimony and I want EVERYONE to hear it no matter how terrible my Spanish is!  Since I didn't have the amazing Travis on speed dial, luckily my district leader stepped in with a powerful scripture and a ton of broken English that put a smile on my face!!! Alma 26:27-28 Turning back is never the answer towards success!!!
The miracle of the week (and yes I say of the week cause I'm pretty sure there's always one).  We were once again wandering around trying to find an address (how miracles always happen) and we stumbled upon a lady who had been reading and studying the Book of Mormon along with the Bible for two years.  Her brother, who lived in the States, was a member and when he died she took his Book of Mormon because she wanted to understand the source of his happiness.  She was trying so hard to live the commandments and just didnt know how.  It was safe to say we were happy!!!! We were like, "we know, we know, let us tell you all about it!!!"

Everyone take the time to watch General Conference this week because I already know its gonna be AMAZING!!!
Thanks for your constant support and letters,
HUGS, smiles, and laughter,

Hermana Neuberger

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