Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hooray for Frontenac Frisbee Heritage!

HOLA everybody,

I guess I'll start off this email with a fun fact: I don't get mail on Saturdays, Sundays, or Monday mornings so on Monday nights I get all the weekend mail and feel loved out of my mind! Thank you for all your fabulous letters and updates.  I love each one and try to write back in the little time that I have!

Well gym time has become better then ever this week, sadly all the elders we normally do stuff with are leaving, but I'm excited for them and know that Argentina will be blessed to have them.  While we were playing volleyball this week I ran to save a ball and made a wild hit that certainly wasn't' going to improve the situation when it ricocheted off the light and sailed over the net, just barely hitting in.  Basically ESPN top 10 worthy, just saying.  I also found a frisbee in a closet this week and took it with me to gym time.  My fabulous companions agreed to throw it around with me and I was happier then happy!! The next day we threw it around again and slowly elders started joining in.  Pretty soon we had 20 people in a circle so we decided to play monkey in the middle.  I don't think I've ever had so much fun at gym time.  FRISBEE IS AMAZING!!!! I bless the Frontenac ward name each day when I hear the Elders calling me legit.  Boy am I thankful for that heritage and my ability to throw a frisbee...and to be able to catch one while were at it.  I might also leave the MTC more in shape then when I came.  Sister Melter and I wake up every morning and run two miles, then during gym time (before frisbee) we run up an elliptical mountain for 20 minutes and then do 10 minutes of abs and 5 of arms! Then again my exercise might not save me from the mountain of food that is enveloping our apartment.  Basically my three companions get at least two packages a week and we do all we can to hand it out to others so it doesn't end up in our kitchen.  We currently have 10 bags of popcorn, 2 gallon ziplocks of homemade carmel corn, a loaf of banana bread, three things of pringles, three bags of chips with queso and salsa, 12 bags of assorted candy, two giant party size m&m bags, a giant swedish fish bag, 2 dozen cookies, peppermint bark, fudge, grapes, carrots, apples, strawberries, 2 packages of oreos, and so many other little random things I can't even describe it all to you.  We are super good about giving it away or watching others consume it but naturally we eat some too....every night.  My clothes still fit perfectly so I feel like I'm okay.  Momma Sturts cooking is to die for!!! Her gingerbread cookies she sent made my mouth water.  Basically since all my roommates are from Utah home backed goods aren't a problem to send cause they get here in two days....I'm just craving Dad's salsa.

BTW On the way back from gym I always uphold the Neuberger family tradition by doing parcore off all of the rocks and the one day I skipped the hermanas made me go back and do it cause apparently it's a highlight of their day.  it's good to know that if I brake my ankle, it will only  be to brighten others lives ;)

Every time I attempt to speak Spanish and know I'm epicly failing, I picture Rogelio smiling and shaking his head at me right behind my investigator.  If you want to talk about the gospel I can stumble through and tell you quite a lot....ask me about my house and i go mute!!! All my words are gospel focused, exactly the way it should be, but it certainly make it more interesting when we get down to Mexico....IN TWO WEEKS!!!!

At the devotional this Sunday they had us stand and sing the EFY medley which many of you are familiar with.  The best part about the MTC though is that they changed the words.  Instead of singing as sisters in Zion we sing The sisters of Zion.  Basically all the words have been changed by the lady who originally wrote the song to talk specifically about missionary work and they're extremely powerful.  I also love that when we sing army of Helaman the words change to, "and we are now the Lord's missionaries".  The entire thing is extremely powerful and while I stood there singing it with thousands of other missionaries I couldn't stop beaming and feeling the spirit that was so tangible in the room.  We truly are the Lord's missionaries called to bring the world HIS truth! I know that my calling is sure and I know there is nothing I'd rather be doing with my time then bringing the light of the gospel into other's lives.

This week we were suppose to teach a new investigator as an entire district, yes all 8 of us at once, but the lady didn't show up.  We were pretty bummed because 8 of us + 1 investigator we were certain would equal instant conversion.  I was really worried about how we would possibly unified as an entire district trying to teach one lesson.  Because the lady didn't show up my teacher decided to be a new investigator for us.  The lesson started out really rough, no one knew what to say and everyone was pretty worried to talk because they thought someone else might jump in instead.  But we slowly got the flow down and then the spirit kicked in.  I don't think my district has ever been so united!! There were moments where we'd all reach for our scriptures to look up the same verse without even saying anything.  At the end of the lesson we sang nearer my God to thee in four part harmony and everyone was in tears by the end. Everything we had been saying before was simply words, but there was no denying the spirit that filled the room as we started to sing.  I know that I am nothing without the spirit and that I cannot teach without his guidance and help.  The spirit is the true teacher and I am only the tool.  Our true purpose as missionaries is to help others recognize that in their lives because once they recognize the line connecting them to Heavenly Father, everything else simply falls into place! 

It's simply been another fabulous week of happiness and joy,
Love you all!!!
Hermana Neuberger

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