Monday, April 14, 2014

This Is Why I Am Happy

Buenos Dias Everyone,

On Tuesday we were way lost and way late for our zone meeting at the stake center cause the cambi chose to take an alternate root.  We asked about seven people for directions (awkward cause it was like, "hi. Have you seen our church. We're lost.") and EVERYONE knew where it was.  They also called it a temple cause its so beautiful which i thought was really cool.

Another exciting note is that in three weeks we will have our own chapel again!!! WOOT WOOT WOOT! Dont get me wrong, the house of prayer is great but a/c is just calling my name when it comes to 90 degree weather and sitting under a black tarp with 10 foot walls on all four sides.  It's basically an oven and impossible to get investigators to come back or feel the spirit.  Their only comments's really hot.

I also finished the Book of Mormon today which was amazing.  Moroni 7 is so boss! I'm also racing Alexis through the Book of Mormon in espaniola and it's quite the experience.  He's taken to it whole heartedly and when we asked him what he's learned he just relates the whole thing in detail back to us then shares his favorite makes me want to cry with joy every time...that would freak him out

In the course of the past week 10 people have asked me why im constantly so happy; church members, investigators, and other missionaries alike.  All my life this question comes up constantly and i feel like theres no better time then the present to address it.
Im happy because:
I know my Savior lives.  Not only do I know my Savior lives, but i also know of his deep and continuous love for more me.  No matter what I go through in this life, He knows exactly how I feel and wants desperately to help me.  I know that as I rely on Him I can find joy in every moment of this journey of life.  I know He cares personally for me and is truly the greatest example I have to follow in this life.  Im so greatful for this easter week when all of our thoughts are turned to Him.  We can never repay Him for all that He has done in our behalf but we can live each day to be worthy of His sacrifice.
This gospel is true and even better then that I get to constantly share this glad message of truth with so many others each and every day.  There is no greater work then this gospel, I am thoroughly convinced.  The spirit is here in abundance and blesses me each and every day.  There are times, quite often, when we leave lessons and my comp just looks at me wondering where on earth all my spanish just came from.  It certaintly was not me! The people here have more faith then I truly thought possible and seeing and hearing their testimonies only increases mine.
And because of all of you.  Truthfully, i have been blessed all my life to associate with some of the most amazing people on the earth.  Its hard to have a bad day when I can think off all the good times, look back, and smile.  I feel truly blessed  and know it was by no accident that every one of you played a role in my life.  You have all helped build me into the person I am.  The laughter and good times weve shared have filled me with so much joy that when times get hard my storage is overflowing and I can pull through.  Thanks for your examples, your kind words, your laughter, your funny stories, your constant friendship, your encouragement, your smiles, and your joy.  I seriously dont know what I do without you!
With sincere happiness and joy,
Hermana Neuberger

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