Monday, April 6, 2015

Into Outer Darkness

Well hello there from the bountiful dead grass fields of the sweltering Sahara of our little city  (holy cow that pool across the street is taunting me!).
Day 1: No house
Day 2: No light....and for many days after
Day 3: No air (and literally my comp can’t breathe! We think she’s allergic to Morelos...she’s still super clogged and sick)
Day 4: Random Guests
       Stayed home because my comp had a fever and still couldn’t breathe. I took the time to organize our three area books into one area book with all the antiguo investigators organized into colonies and then in alphabetical order....yup I’m crazy, but organizing always helps me to de-stress! While I was lost in a maze of over 600 registros there was a knock at the door (odd because we know literally nobody).  I opened it to see a woman and three children standing at my door.  Ummm, I didn’t order Girl Scout cookies.... But then I saw the little old man in the back and I started straight up laughing.  Safe to say we’ve been found, again, by the Garcia family.  I have to say that President was all but asking for that to happen when he sent us to an area 20 minutes away from Garcia’s grandparents’ home...and into a ward where her grandpa was branch president way back in the day and her father served as high council men.  So I woke up my sick companion to let her know that her aunt, cousins, and grandparents were outside our door, only to come back down the stairs to find them in our house....this is so illegal (highlight of the week!)

Day 5: Sunburnt, fasting, and crazy lost....lucky all the cambi drivers had pity on us and gave us free rides
Day 6-7: The sweet relief of general conference!!!!!!!!!
    We basically lived in the stake center all weekend watching the conference in English (so we could hear their real voices) with all the American elders and then quickly changing the station to Spanish during the last session for the Latino speakers.  If there are two HUGE things we can pull out of conference it’s the importance of the family and of personal conversion.  I think the greatest part about conference is receiving answers to all the little things we need to hear.  I’m grateful for the opportunity that we have to hope in the powers and redeeming life of Christ! I know that He lives and has made the pathway possible to return to our Heavenly Home.  I know that I can never thank Him for the price that He paid for me but it’s truly a blessing that I can show my appreciation for everyday as I remember to apply it!

With an abundance of Love,
Hermana Neuberger

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