Monday, March 30, 2015

River of Tears

Kind of depressing, I apologize!!!!
I’m gonna try to make this upbeat and exciting but I haven’t slept in two days so the banging in my head is crazy getting to me!!! I guess the biggest news of all is that they took all the American sisters out of Guerrero.....and now I think you understand just about everything.....

The call came late Saturday night and was soooo unexpected that we just sat there crying for 2 hours straight (and Hna Garcia NEVER cries!!) We sent a text to inform the bishop, who then instantly called (sad, angry, and confused all at once) and could barely put a sentence together.  Basically, the whole thing was like a really bad dream. We had a baptism planned for this Saturday...and the next...and the next...and the next....and the get the point, things were about to get SOOOO good! Apparently are reaction was sad enough that the zone leaders called the sister training leaders to make sure everything was okay.

The next day at church was emotionally horrendous to say the least.  First off, let’s just remember back to that one time when we stressed out more than necessary about the fact that Elders were coming to our ward....well I think this Sunday just was meant to make us know how much the ward loves us.  They passed around the food calendar last week and we had a food appointment for everyday of the month of April (even with women who NEVER feed the missionaries) and the Elders had two.  Not saying anything bad about the Elders...just feeling super loved! Everyone kept coming up to us all excited about how they were going to feed us and then we would have to tell them the bad news.  We had an investigator who couldn’t make it to church, his wife is an inactive member, when we told them that we were leaving they started laughing and said good one.  You can only imagine our faces, AND THEIRS, when we had to tell them it wasn’t a joke! All of our investigators cried through church, but the worst of all was saying goodbye to Guri (who should have been baptized a month ago but still doesn’t have permission) who couldn’t stop crying and had me crying for a good 20 minutes.  Everyone wanted photos, everyone wanted to hug us, everyone wanted to march to president’s house and protest (there were a lot of jokes made about marches and camping in tents, but they’re not really funny to those who haven’t experienced Chilpo), and more than anything everyone wanted to know when we’re coming back! We told everyone to keep going and that we would be back for all their sealings in the temple/mission call openings REALLY SOON!

So I won’t go into detail about my day of tears...I think you’ve all got the picture by now. To end the night we went to the FHE on the privada! Then it was picture fest with all the Calixtos and way too many tears.  The bishop took us into his house at the end of the night for a private goodbye and said the nicest things! After the hundreds of missionaries that have passed through that ward, we go down as “the greatest duo of all” :( it was so heartfelt that I just shattered! The kids couldn’t grasp the fact that we were leaving and just kept asking "cuando van a ir a nuestra casa, tias?" (When are you coming to our house, aunts?) The other half of the privada, still Calixtos, but in the other ward, were also crying saying that they felt like we had been their missionaries.

And then we left.  We closed the door, we jumped in the car, and we drove away....and my heart is shattering right now just thinking about it all over again. I broke down at the bus station, I broke down on the bus, and I think it’s safe to say that I’ll never forget my family in Chilpancingo!!! More than anything I’m just grateful for the knowledge that I have that the Lord has a greater plan for us.  He is so aware of what we need that He is willing to cut us down at our highest just to make us better.  From the moment we got the call to entering the bus I’ve found myself on my knees whispering prayers for strength and comfort.  I know this is all for a greater purpose and though it hurts now, I can see how my prayers were answered in so many ways all over the place.  I think one of the greatest answers to prayer is that I got to stay with my best friend, Hna Garcia, to take on our new area together.  I don’t think I could have gone on without her and for that tender mercy I am truly grateful!

So where am I know?? I’m back in Cuautla in a little nothing town called _____. I swear everyone and their mom is a member and the ward only likes hermanas (they just throw out their Elders) so they’re super excited to have us.  Crazy side is that our bishop is inactive.....LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!!!

The mission is a spectacular thing!!!!!
Plus Hna Garcia’s grandparents and aunts and uncles all live 20 minutes away soooo I think Prez is trying to make us as happy as possible ;)

You know I love you!

Hermana Neuberger

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