Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Man-Eating Monsters

I'm pretty sure I am currently serving in the craziest of all missions ever but I won't go into details! Life is still super good and I've never felt safer in my life.  Mexico is amazing!

Recently there has been, well they're calling it a plague, of mosquitoes.  But let me be completely honest with you, these are not mosquitoes!!! I've never seen a bug like this.  They look like gnats and they don't just stick their little straw in your skin, they bite, and then stick their whole head in.  I don't know how so little a body can take in so much blood but they hurt like the dickens and when you shoo them away you re left with a hole in your skin that doesn't stop bleeding! (and one just bit me as I wrote this soooo the irony).  Basically my already too white skin was quickly covered in quarter size red bumps, over a hundred, and i only have lived to tell the tail thanks to my comps 100% deet bug spray.

'Because I know someone wants to know, my comp is Hermana Garcia and though her name can be deceiving, shes American. Born and raised in Utah, just about as Mormon as she can get.  BUT both of her parents were born and raised in Mexico and her dad's actually from Cuautla (a city in my mission) so she has a lot of family near by (REMEMBER THIS!). Shes done with the mission super soon so were hoping that she dies with me. Basically life is one big laugh!

It was Hna Garcia's bday this Sunday and it was a fabulous day.  We hit the streets early and went crazy knocking every MA and investigators door and teaching little spiritual thoughts because everyone invited us in.  We ended up being a little late to church because Lady wasn't completely ready when we showed up to pick her up.  We sat down and I looked around in sorrow cause no one else was there.  But then magic happened as little by little all the other investigators began to arrive.  I had huge smiles as I stood up to help them find seats and everything.  At this moment most of our investigators are teenage girls.  With our investigators we doubled the size of the young women's (11) and it was fabulous.  But the number one best part of sacrament meeting was when Hna Garcia turned around, gasped, and then turned back to the speaker with this huge smile on her face.  YUP, her grandparents were sitting right behind us!!!! Probably one of the funniest moments of my mission life.  We both had huge smiles on our faces and were slightly laughing and to make matters worse all this went down while the new elder who has threeish days in Mexico was trying to bare his testimony in front of an entire congregation.  We then had all the ward missionaries stand in front so that we could know who they were and Adolofo would not stop making faces cause he felt so awkward and my comp and I were just even more all smiles! The bishop's family had a special cake made for Hna Garcia that was probably the most delicious thing I've ever tasted and Pochi did a REALLY good job of smooshing her face in it which had us all laughing for a good 20 minutes.  The night was topped off by a lesson with a new investigator that we got the chance to teach with Angel Moroni, I don't think it gets much better then that!

Were looking forward to a great new week!
Hermana Neuberger!

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