Monday, July 20, 2015

Starting on a Journey

Me, Lucio, and my companion
The Lord certainly has a way of making everything work out perfectly! This week everyone in the ward was so excited for the baptism of Lucio, as were we! He was super nervous for his baptismal interview and because he was nervous so were we, because he probably would have just started talking instead of answering right.  His baptismal interview ended up being almost 2 hours long, 2 HOURS, so we were panicked as we waited outside wondering what on earth could possibly be going on.  Saturday we passed by quickly just to make sure that he was ready and to answer any questions.  We were all laughing and joking on his couch when his phone unexpectedly rang.....and it wasn't good news.  Last week a good friend of Lucio had taken a turn for the worse so he had left church early.  This call was to tell him that his friend had died and they were requesting his presence in the hospital because the guy has no living family....4 hours before the baptism and the guy is more then an hour and a half away...So all sorts of crazy drama broke loose.  Lucio burst into tears, "Hermanas, the only thing that I prayed for last night, over and over again, is that Dios (God) would just let me get baptized today.  I just wanted to get baptized. Can we wait till next week or something?" My only thought was NO!, we are not going to postpone this.  So we just delayed it with the start time being "whenever Lucio gets here." I was so wiped out from stress that I almost keeled over right there! How could this possibly be happening?! This is the man with whom we fought off iliteracy, jail time, and life threatening illness! What more could he possibly go through?!?!

But I guess the moral of the story is that he got there! And he was happier then ever, and everything worked out so we all went to bed Saturday extremely happy! That's the greatest part about the gospel. If the Lord wants it to happen it will all work out.  I have an unshakable testimony of how powerful this message I carry is! It changes lives FOREVER and will have eternal consequences.  The light it brings into the lives of others can't be denied.  When people are truly converted the passion burns within them and brings about changes that would NEVER be possible without the hand of the Lord.  I know this gospel is true and that is why I will share it with each and everyone of you. When we have something so precious and dear to our hearts why wouldn't we share it with everyone?? 

All My Love,

Hermana Neuberger

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