Monday, February 9, 2015

A Little Crazy

This week was a classic week of finding new amazing investigators, falling appointments, 1000% help of members, miracles, smiles, and in the end good results. I don’t think I’ll ever get over how willing the members are here to help us out. We try to repay them through little notes of thanks and any little act of service we can do but it’s never enough! The members feel bad because their reference well is starting to dry up. When we first got here we were receiving 2 or 3 from each member and about 20 each week and now they don’t know anyone else. We’ve been leaving them with the commitment to pray that the Lord will put someone else in their path and I know they are doing it because they love the work as much as we do!

This Sunday we were a little down because 2 hours before church we had about 20 investigators that were going to be able to make it. We passed by to make sure they were up before we passed by with a member and a car....and somehow in that 30 minute time frame they all went missing. But the Lord knows what He is doing and all those who had a desire to be there were there with a huge smile on their faces. We have been working really hard with a few MA families this week, by request of the bishop, in hopes that they can be sealed at the end of the year. As Sacrament meeting started it was mostly the normal crowd, but then ever so gradually slowly every MA family came in!!! It was nothing short of a miracle! 

Are the members taking care of us?!?!? ARE THE MEMBERS TAKING CARE OF US!?!?! I think its safe to say that's the Elders basically hate us.....the other night one exploded on the phone to me.  Here is the story: we called them to ask for permission to go to Zumpango today(a super dangerous/ghetto pueblo) with a family from the privada that had invited didn't go over well because we had just gotten home from the birthday party of the Bishop, his wife, and another b-day on the privada, Jose Jaime.  Plus they had overheard the sisters of the ward reminding us like thirty times about Hermana Nayelis b-day today and making sure that we were coming to that party. Elder was like, "WHY DOES THE WARD HATE US!?!?! WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT!!!! Maybe when we have more time they'll like us as much as they love you guys!"....."Well, Elder we only have 8 more days here then you guys do".....I think it's safe to say that we're trying with all our might to pay the members back for all the amazing things they do for us.  We make thank you cards for all the comidas that we get each week and it makes some of the sisters cry.  We make birthday cards for everyone that we can find on the ward list that is going to have a b-day that week.  We remember every detail about their lives so that when we see them again we can ask about how things are going.  Any chance we have for spontaneous service, WE ARE ALL OVER IT AND REFUSE TO STOP! Other than that and the future missionary name tags that we've given to all the children and the huge smiles on our faces.....I think it’s just safe to say that we're super happy!!! At the end of church I just love standing in the back by the door so I can give everyone a hug and tell them how much I love them.  Plus we are officially tias (aunts) on the privada, every time we enter the kids come running "TIAS, TIAS, TIAS!!!" And it makes my heart swell with joy :D

.......on a sad note they're making transfers early and the president has already sent a ton of emails explaining that transfers are going to be SUPER different this change because "we have to adapt to the ever changing and dangerous environment of our mission".....soooo were super stressed and SUPER sad cause he has also already told everyone that transfers are going to be weird and he doesn’t want to hear complaints and how we should always remember that transfers areof God and not him.....The missionaries here in Chilpo have recently been locked in their houses due to more building burnings and riots.....BUT because my area is far from the center we were allowed to work so ;) Hoping for all the best!

Last week, Hna Garcia and I started reading a conference talk together every night before we go to bed. Every night when we finished my testimony is confirmed that truly each one of them is called and inspired by God! Their words are perfect and I am always enriched by reading them. A talk we read recently talked about the importance of the Sacrament in a way that we often overlook. We talked about it a lot and decided that it was what we needed to share with the MA families so that they could always remember the true importance of the sacrament and the need to take it each and every week. We left them with the commitment to prepare to take the sacrament, which naturally they all agreed to, but the real miracle was when they were all there Sunday afternoon to participate in this spiritually replenishing ordinance.

Lots of Love,

Hermana Neuberger

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