Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Update!

Hello Everybody,

Has it really been another week, because I'm pretty certain it was just last week i was sitting in this exact chair attempting to write faster than the wind.  We literally have very little time to write and when we walked away from the computers last week .  .  .  well I really can't even remember what I said so I hope it made at least a little sense.  If you only got one thing out of it I hope that it was that I LOVE IT HERE and that the work I am doing is the most important thing I could be doing with my life right now.  I feel so blessed to have this opportunity and couldn't be more excited at all!!!

Everyday is basically the same schedule-wise so there's not a whole lot to express in that regard.  The best way to summarize it is laughter till our abs hurt and spiritual highs that brighten my life in a way I can't explain.  The spirit here is phenomenal and like nothing I've ever experienced...and i thought girls camp and youth conference were pretty great.  Everyone here is aware of their divine calling and working harder then ever to live up to it.  I'm pretty sure I was blessed with the greatest teachers on earth.  They know what they're talking about and bring the Spirit into every lesson.  We committed our investigator to baptism in our last lesson with him and he accepted.  I once again had an "ah ha" moment, this is exactly why I am here.  The spirit was incredible and i felt an extreme love for this person I had only known for a few short days.

There is nothing I can complain about.  My mind is going a million miles a minute, I can't stop speaking Spanish when I want to speak English and vice a versa.  It's impossible to truly explain the feelings of my heart to my investigators, we never have a free moment, AND I LOVE IT!!! This truly is the Lord's work and there is no possibility that I could do it on my own, I need his help with everything I do.  This week truly stressed the importance of inviting the S

pirit and letting it do all the talking which is what we should do in our own lives.  There is nothing more important than letting an investigator take a moment to simply recognize the power of the spirit in the room.  Often times it has a greater power of conversion then the scripture you are thrusting in their direction.

With smiles, laughter, and a ton of joy,
Hermana Neuberger

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